Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knitting Lace is Fussy

What do you do when you don't have knitting progress to show? You go out in the yard just as the sun is coming up and you take photos of flowers! Thank goodness for flowers...and spring and sunny mornings. We're still enjoying clouds of iris' perfume when we walk outside the front door.

And here are the first blooms of our painted daisies - new this year. I hope this little plant grows into a big clump. I've never grown painted daisies before.

And, a couple of our delphiniums. Sometimes I pick the flower stalks just so I can gather the spent flowers when they fall - they make beautiful additions to potpourri since they keep their color well.
On the knitting front, I made it through about one and a half vertical pattern repeats on the Print 'O The Wave Stole, and then ended up ripping it out and starting over. One of the things that's giving me grief is that I've been using ring type stitch markers between pattern repeats on each row. In some rows there are yarn-overs either just before a stitch marker or just after a stitch marker and it's hard (for me) to get and keep the stitch marker in the correct place - either before or after the yarn-overs. Another problem is that in some rows there's either a k2tog or an ssk that occurs right "over the top" of the stitch markers, using one stitch on either side of the marker, and somehow, I get all goofed up with slipping a stitch to remove the marker, then replacing the stitch and doing the k2tog or the ssk and at the same time getting the marker in the correct place. It doesn't seem all that difficult when I write it out, but the execution of said process is giving me mild fits.
I replaced the ring type stitch markers with little yarn markers in the hopes that they would be easier to manipulate (the yarn-overs) and maybe that would help me in my k2tog and ssk problems. Wish me luck. It's a good thing that I really do enjoy the process of lace knitting, even though it's challenging for me. (Another thing - I'm using my Knit Picks circs -- I love the way the stitches slide from the cable to the needles, but, wow! are those needle points ever slick! The only other circs I have in the correct size are bamboo and the cable join is very "rough" - I don't want to always be babying the stitches over that join.)

In any case, I'm learning as I knit and un-knit and that's all good.


stitch-dom said...

Hey knitting granny - thanks for your comment on my blog!

Sigh...Print o the wave...that's one of those project that just isn't mindless enough for me to work on all the time. At the moment I've ripped back and its on hold. The issue you are having with your stitch markers is one I had when I was knitting the Charlotte's Web Shawl. For the first little while I had to continuously count the stitches between the markers to make sure the yarnovers etc hadn't slipped to the other side of the marker. After a while I got to the point where I could tell by looking if something had slipped to the wrong side but it took a few repeats (and a good rip back) beforehand.

I do suggest putting in lifelines after each full pattern repeat so you don't have to rip back to the beginning if you make a mistake.

hege said...

To find out how to do the button (comments are disabled on that post) check out this website. Search for the word button. http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/101/blogger/index.html

Your lace sampler sounds great! I have been thinking of doing something like that, too. Just like they used to do, instead of writing it down they went to their little pattern sampler. :)