Friday, January 11, 2008's been awhile...

It's been so long since I've posted, I'm wondering if I can remember how to do it... So far so good - I remembered how to sign in to blogger :-)

It's January. Ugh. I had a friend (God rest her soul) who loved January. She saw it as the clean-slate month and liked the idea of "a fresh start" and "new beginnings". Nope, not me. For me, January is like a six-month-long purgatory while I wait for February. Actually, February isn't all that much better...but at least in February you can more easily anticipate Spring and warm weather.

We've had more snow this month than last year's total. I do love to watch the snow come down - but really hate the melting-off stage. Today is one of those melting, dripping days.

Knitting? Right now I have two projects "actively" on the needles. One is a triangular shawl found here. I call it my snowflake shawl : Knit Pick's Alpaca Cloud (lace weight) in the Iris color, needles - Harmony wood cable needles, size 6 (I LOVE the harmony wood needles from Knit Pick's) . (Yep, that's the same yarn I used when starting two or three other lace projects that fizzled. I ended up having to throw away some of the yarn at the beginning of the yarn cake because I had frogged it so much that it was pretty wonky. Oh sigh.)
I'll save the other on-the-needles project for another day. I've forgotten how to position my pics within the text of the post. Drat!

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