Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello...I'm back, I think

Sometime after last August 31 we suffered a computer meltdown and for a long while I couldn't blog or even read blogs. And, I "lost" my favorites, so even when we got back on line so I could read blogs, I couldn't remember all their names (like when you have automatic dialer on your phone and you soon forget your friend's "real" phone numbers). And then we were pretty much into late fall and the shorter days began to take their toll and I was just too depressed to write, knit, read, cook - just about everything except sleep.

During the past month or so, I have re-found most of my favorite blogs and a few new ones as well, and the last few days have really been feeling the nudge to return to my blog. So, I go to blogspot dot com and find that they're all new fangled since last I posted. I don't do very well with "new" stuff, but I think I've made it through so that I can once again post.

Knitting? Most of the UFO's I posted about last summer are still UFO's - if you read my blog then, you'll remember how I love to start new projects, but finish them? Not so much. But I did start AND finish a few things... And, of course I'm working on some new projects, too. Tomorrow I promise some pictures...

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hege said...

Welcome back! It's so much more fun to start something new, than to finish ufos :)