Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I've been trying, since my last lonely post to upload some images of knitting interest. And the doppelganger is back...or, more correctly, I can't figure out how to change something in the blog template to allow images to upload. Drat and ratzafratz! See, these are the kinds of frustrations that threaten to send me right back to bed and pull the covers over my head!

What is a blog entry without pics? B - O - R - R - I - N - G !! I wanted to show you the Human Genome Scarf I finished for DH - knit with Berroco (or is it Berocco?) Pleasure yarn in the "leather" color. Yummy, and I'm not even particularly fond of brown. And, then my own design every-day shawl also knit with the same yarn but in the "emotion" color - a beautiful, subtle lavender-grey sort of color. This shawl is a "blower", not a "show-er" as my Grandma used to say - that is, it's made to be functional (warm!) not showy or lacy. (But, I really do like the pattern.) (Grandma referred to her hankies as either "blowers" or "show-ers" - the pretty, lacy ones weren't too functional, but Grandpa's purloined handkerchiefs were good for alleviating drippy noses.)

Now, as for the problem with uploading images...I'm a reasonably intelligent person, and although I do not belong to the computer-savvy generation, I should be able to figure this out, right? So, I will try (again). That's one of my missions for today: get pictures into my blog entries. (You might be wondering, if you have looked at posts from the past, why there are pictures in many of those posts...Well, since doing those posts, 1-Blogger has changed to Google hosting and 2-our computer has undergone a resurrection of sorts 3-And we've changed Internet providers 4-And email is only recoverable thru Outlook Express - Somewhere in all those changes lies the rub, so to speak.)

Wish me luck!

OH, GLORY BE! An image appeared! (Not where I wanted it, but let's not be picky!)

I'll try another one!

GLORY BE! Now there are two!

Hmmm...I wonder what will happen when I go from "draft" to "publish" with this entry. Hopefully, the pics will publish, and I'll write again tomorrow - maybe even try images again. :o)

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