Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thanks Hege!

First of all, I can't believe that it's been a whole week since I last posted! I swear it was only a couple of days ago... Could it be that our household has been a busy one?

In my last post, I complained because I couldn't figure out how to place pictures where I wanted them within the text of my blog. Hege commented and told me how to do it! (Well, duh! It seems so obvious - I know how to insert pictures into Word documents...what was I thinking?) Thank you Hege, you wonderful, star-bright person!

But alas, even with Hege's help, it still isn't working the way I'm doing it. I know the answer must be something very simple that I'm doing wrong, or not doing at all...but right now, I sure can't figure it out. So, pics are still at the top. Sorry.

I tried the Eye of Partridge heel and it worked OK. I was using some leftover variegated sock yarn, so it's hard to differentiate the stitches (and the pic is a bit fuzzy, too), but there it is...up at the top. Oh, sigh.

And I finished the Eyelet Rib socks. I bound them off like Wendy's Feather and Fan socks, so the bind-off looks almost ruffly, but when they're on the foot-leg, the ruffle part pretty much disappears. I love the eyelet rib and want to use it with a sock yarn that's not stripey or patterned. (It must be time to order some new sock yarn, yes?)

On an entirely different subject, a lifetime ago I was an elementary music teacher and every spring I taught the fourth graders one of my favorite songs - At this point in my life I can't remember who wrote it, or where the lyrics came from, so I apologize to the writer/composer, but here are the words:
Seeds inside the package,
they can't read the label.
They can't see the picture,
so, how are they able
to know if they're daisies
or greens for the table?
This weekend the "good child" (DS) is going to replace the (shredded) heavy-duty clear plastic on our (extremely) little greenhouse - it's really a glorified cold-frame, and then, seeds will sprout! Here's to sunny days and above-freezing temps.

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hege said...

Pretty socks! Sorry you couldn't get it to work with the pictures. How about either 1) going to the Edit html section and cutting and pasting it there (every photo is within a paragraph.) or 2) cut and paste your text around the pictures instead!