Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yellow Flowers and Lace Dreams

Hmmm... I don't know quite how I did it yesterday...getting an image to post in the middle of the text and not automatically have it go to the top. Today I did the very same thing (at least I think so), downloaded the iris' first and then the African Daisy. Although I can enter text between the pictures, I can't put it above the daisy picture.

Maybe this will be as good as it gets...

My Rainy Day Sock is approximately at the same place it was yesterday at this time. I woke up this morning wanting to knit lace. I have some white mohair blend lace weight and I'm thinking about this pattern. Will I? (Startitis is a terrible thing!)

1 comment:

hege said...

Beautiful flowers! Just experiment, put your cursor at the top and start typing. You will get it figured out. But it looks great anyway :)