Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...And the Time Warp continues...

Sheesh! Can't believe another month has whizzed past. And, um, my last post...the one dated in June? I forgot to actually publish it until just yesterday. I kept thinking "I've got to get some pics to go with that post and then get it published!" But the days turned into weeks (overnight or so it seemed) and the weeks turned into a month so finally yesterday I just published it without any pics.

In the meantime I finished the Rivulets socks (I've re-named them the "Re-Rivulets" socks since I re-worked the lacy pattern), and here's a couple pics of the finished pair. Sorry about the incorrect dates on the photos - the camera ran out of batteries again and of course, I forgot to re-set the date. The yarn color is more accurate in the top photo.

Still working along on the Orenburg scarf... it's a few inches longer than it was last time, and I haven't worked at all on DD's sweater. Hard to work on a winter sweater in the heat of summer! I went thru my stash the other day, hoping for inspiration as to a new knitting project, but, alas, no light-bulb moment. Don't know what I'm going to tackle next.

We had a chicken tragedy about a week ago. Very sad. Lucille (her pic is up in the sidebar) had figured out how to flap over the short little picket fence that divides the chicken/garden side of the back-yard from the "regular" side of the back yard. I could usually lure her back into her side of the yard by offering her peas from the garden, but one day she was being all totally independent, and wouldn't be lured, so I left her on the wrong side of the fence, thinking that she would flap back over when she was ready. Later, when she tried to do so, she managed to get her poor head stuck between two of the pickets and died. I cried for two days and even writing about it now makes my eyes well up. In the big picture, I know that Lucille's death is a small event, but ... crap. I hate it when things like this happen.
An update re/ my next project. I have some cranberry colored sock yarn and have begun working on the pattern for a pair of cranberry socks. (I love Barbara Walker's pattern books! - there's no way I could even begin to figure -out a lace pattern from scratch!) Hopefully, cast-on happens today and there'll be a pic or two in the next couple of days.

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